Simple Transfer

Add Money Transfer Services and Give your Customers More. It’s Simple.

Our turnkey, multi-channel platform enables companies to kick-start a new revenue stream at speed, with minimal cost and hassle.

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Control Remittance: For International Banks & Mobile Wallets

Give your customers the ability to both transfer cash and request payments on your existing app or website. Simple Transfer will do the rest with our white label solution that uses cutting edge technology.

You have Control to…

Increase Revenue

It’s better if your customers don’t go elsewhere to transfer money when they don’t have to. You can increase their life-long value and provide welcome convenience. Not only that, but with the additional ability to support payment requests, it’s a double win.

Do What you Do Best…

Which is to provide your product to your customers

We can do the technology, the compliance, the payments, settlement, website and app. End to end. You can have all of it or some of it depending on your preference. We’re flexible.

Maximum Speed to Market…

Because our platform is ready to plug and play

It’s modular and low code, so can integrate with your existing technology in weeks, not months. Onboard the new service with less hassle because you don’t need to deal with multiple third party vendors. Just us.

Keep Overheads Low…

With a high degree of automation and technology support

There will be less need to hire additional staff and more ability to scale your business.

Use our Network…

And experience

We’ve been in the payments business a long time and have access to a global network of banks. That means you can provide domestic or cross-border money transfers to more customers, all with the sound knowledge that we’ve got it covered. Our goal is to be a trusted partner: not just a tech provider.

What Makes Simple Transfer the Right Partner?

Working with Simple Transfer costs just a fraction of what it would cost to develop the proprietary technology required to support money transfer services, to manage crucial compliance processes in-house and to obtain necessary industry licences. Working with us means you can get your product to market within 8 to 12 weeks instead of 12 to 18 months and without those unforeseen delays.

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Why is Simple Transfer a Different Proposition than the Big, High Street and Money Remittance Providers?

We’re more nimble. We offer the flexibility to implement a service that is best suited to your company’s needs and complements your existing business offering. This allows you the freedom to unlock more possibilities to your customer.